Carpe Mortus: Sera Valas by Night

Fuerunt de la Discordiae
Vindicta Party Session 1

The session started with Lucareao Senza and Tristan Vodachi, newly arrived in Sera Valas and trying to get started in the assassination business. They are staying at the apartment of Tristan’s contact in Sera Valas, Geno Friesto. Geno is out for the moment, and the two ‘brothers’ are watching the Fuerunt de la Discordiae, a yearly festival in which the common people of Sera Valas take to the street with wooden swords, pillow shields, and play neighborhood based games of capture the flag. Geno rushes into the room, telling the boys that they’ve got a job for a major client, that may in fact turn into a long term contract if they impress him. The ‘brothers’ agree, and Geno explains that they must non lethally take out Guard Captain Nichi Bergo, who has lead his block in Vitta street to victory in the games for the past five years, and a bonus if they manage to steal their banner as well.

Lucareao and Tristan leave, Tristan sneaking through the streets and alleyways between the fighting, and Lucareao magically leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Eventually, they reach the target area, and see why Vitta street has won the past five years, the guard captain has whipped the block into almost military precision, first floor windows are boarded up, phalanxes guard the alleyways, and snipers in the upper floor windows. The center of the block has a small tower, with six men perched on top, one of them in a breast plate, and a red banner with an armadillo on it. Both brothers light a torch when they in position to signal their readiness, and then attack. Tristan scales the sides of the building and pulls the captain off the tower while Lucareao pelts the defenders with non-lethal arrows. They make quick work of the defenders, accidentally killing one in the process, but gaining the banner all the same. Lucareao notes a well dressed man sipping wine and watching them from a balcony across the street, and when spotted, the man raises his glass to Lucareao.

After returning, Geno congratulates the brothers in their victory, and states they should put the banner on the wall. As night falls and fireworks light the sky, revelry replaces strife in the streets below, and the brothers go down to join, Tristan putting on a stage play version of the nights exploits, at the expense of the bested guard captain. As this is going on, a courier approaches Lucareao with an immediate invitation to their client’s quarters. Tristan is reluctant to leave the revelry, but Lucareao wins him over with little effort. Upon arriving, they are introduced to Vito d’Zephon, the man from the balcony earlier. He congratulates them on their excellent job earlier in the day, and very promptly pays them.

After some small talk, he gives them a long term, but costly proposal. He has the ability to give the would-be assassins supernatural abilities, superior strength, speed, intellect and healing, and immortality, but it comes at the price of never being able to see the sun again, and perhaps a few other side effects. After remembering his family being slaughtered by werewolves, Tristan asks if this will give him the power to get revenge, and d’Zephon tells him he is unfamiliar with Lycanthropes, but he would see no reason why not. Lucareao thinks on the matter for a long while, and seems more troubled with the prospect, being a learned man he deduced it was likely some form of necromancy, but he eventually agrees. The brothers ask for one more day before they make the transformation.

Tristan spends the day painting his last sunrise in the studio of Avichi DeLamorea, a painter and inventor that d’Zephon had put him in contact with. Tristan’s masterful painting impressed the young professional, and they made fast friends. After explaining why he was painting the sunrise, Avichi seemed very curious about studying the effects of the curse that Tristan was about to willingly affect himself with. Tristan ended up storing his painting there until such time as a permanent residence could be found. Lucareao can not remember his last day, but is pretty certain it involved women, gambling and lots of wine.

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