Sera Valas History 101

In the Beginning

Before Sera Valas was formerly founded, it was a sleepy fishing village by the name of Meran wedged between the shores of the Sea of Daggers and the Gennazzano River. All was well until a troll with a small gang of orcs moved into the nearby forests and began preying upon local merchant caravans and outlying farms. The elders of the village, which had very little in the means of gold, sent out a empathic plea to a local lord for assistance. The lord answered the plea by sending a group of adventurers.

Arimous Raziel, a human paladin lead the group, filled with righteous light and a compassionate heart. Turel ibn Falasad, an exotic wizard with strange elemental heritage. Gabriella Zephon, a ‘redeemed’ thief and assassin who never quite turned over a new leaf. Bretton Dumah, a gruff sellsword. Sister Silvia Melchiah, priestess of Desna. And Ariella Rahab, a half elvin bard who more or less spent her time keeping the group together.

The adventurers made quick work of the troll’s band, and after, celebrated in the village. Though the place was quaint, it was surrounded by lush countryside, had a pleasant beach leading up to rolling hills. Though the group went on to greater adventures, they would often return to catch up on the townspeople’s lives or to recharge. After many years and many adventures, the group decided to set down roots, and when it came time to, they returned, loaded with dragon’s gold and arcane lore looted from towers of evil wizards. And thus the six noble houses of Sera Valas were founded.

Modern Tensions

The southern elvish nation of Na’Thuy in the past hundred years began colonizing the region to the north of Sera Valas, using the city as a waypoint both by land and sea travel. At first, everyone was pleased with the arrangement. But as time went by and more and more elvish ships sailed passed Sera Valas, the nobles began to wonder if eventually they might find themselves surrounded by two elvish forces. Tensions began to rise, and although who attacked first is a vastly debated topic, Sera Valas found itself at war with the nearby elvish colony of Talos, at a time when Na’Thuy was embroided in a war with the a neighboring gnoll empire. Talos, alone, was incapable of defending itself, and surrendered.

Sera Valas History 101

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